Ten years of learning

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By Leticia Jawad and Juan Suarez

In 2006 we decided to launch a service provider company. And like any other group that decided to start something new we had to take risks. Besides the obvious of giving up «steady» jobs and the peace of mind which came along with this, a question that came up was precisely starting a service company. Something that «does not sound cool», something that «does not add-up.» The immediate comment was: «you have to make a product company, to generate intellectual property.» Comments often well-meant, but somehow light, possibly based on the fact that the whys and wherefores or the context of those who were starting at that moment, were unknown.

And we made our way. In these 10 year we chose to specialize and support Microsoft in its paradigm, product, people and strategy changes. But from the beginning, we have been sure of what we wanted as our essence, our motto: the service we offer. We learned that this service is the interaction and experience of all the people involved, ourselves and those with whom we interact: business partners, customers, team, entrepreneurs and suppliers. We also learned to ensure that all of us who are part of Arkano, integrate the service as the experience of everyone at all times. Not only when we sell or when we finish a project, but keeping it sustainable throughout the process, and later too.

Along the way we have implemented complex projects from the technological, business or articulation point of view. This has enabled us to learn, improve in technologies, grow in knowledge of different business verticals, and participate in projects with colleagues that had different interests. And we have had to learn not only about technology but also to listen, to give in, to stand assertively or take tough decisions. In short, to be good managers even when the situation was not the most advantageous, to put into practice things that are not learned (as part of a subject) at university.

We have had to make decisions such as stop working with certain people, certain partners and we have also decided to stop working with certain customers. It seems unusual in this world in which everyone wants to sell and add customers to its portfolio, but we have chosen to work with those with whom we can share principles and culture.

Every year, when preparing the business plan for the following year we are surprised to see that most of our turnover is from customers who have been working with Arkano for more than 8 years. Customers with whom we started working from the beginning. For us they are part of our family and by choosing our company year after year make us feel certain we are on the right path. In these 10 years we have worked to remain faithful to our beliefs and we will continue working to keep learning and to enlarge our family.

Thank you very much to all of you who have joined us on this road. And a very special Thank You to all of you who are part of Arkano. To those who every day contribute to keeping this dream real, 10 years later. And we’re going for more!

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