San Rafael Mining Unit

Foam Detection in the river

Video Analytics solution that provides an appropriate and real time detection of foam level in the river for acting accordingly


MINSUR is a 38 years experience mining company, based in Peru, dedicated to tin extraction in San Rafael mine and gold extraction in Pucamarca mine.

The value proposal is related to the minerals treatment made in the Pisco Smelter and Refinery Plant, in order the minerals achieved the highest state of purity.
The company goal is to develop and operate world-class mining assets, turning into a reference in terms of safety, operational efficiency, social-environment responsibility and human development in all countries where it operates.
See more about the client http://www.minsur.com/

The Challenge

  • Trustworthy and automatic detection of foam in the river through the use of technology.
  • More Effective actions for correction that turn into a benefit for the whole community.
  • Remove the pollution inflicted by the foam present in the river and the visual impact generated for it.
  • Create an internal site for showing the results of the analysis and be able to alert those involved in case of high levels, in order they can take actions for mitigation.

The Solution

An innovative solution was implemented in order to provide the area of Concentrator Plant with an automated system based on video processing in real time that allows timely detection of foam levels present in the river that pass through a point of water discharge.

A pattern detection model was trained in order to detect the foam levels in different situations trough security cameras. The processing work is made by Microsoft Cloud while the results are shown in the internal site created. In case of high levels of foam, the alert will make possible to take actions that consist in the application of a dosage of antifoaming for minimizing the presence of foam in the river.


Optimization of river monitoring

Visual Impact in the Community

40% more efficient foam detection

Decrease human intervention by 70%

The Solution
AI – Cognitive Services

Cognitive Services / Machine Learning / AI / Video analytics / Microsoft Azure

Studios Involved




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