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We are co-creators of solutions

that are born from mutual trust between clients, collaborators, partners and associates.



You are passionate about solving problems through technology.

You think beyond borders.

You are a curious and exploratory person.

It motivates you to learn from different industries.

You consider yourself versatile and want to acquire new knowledge.

You define how far you want to go in your work and personal development.

You find opportunities in problems.

So, be a part of Arkano.

We offer you

Work in a fast growing company, where people are the center.

Hybrid job

Constant training, so you can become an expert

Complementary health insurance

Unlimited growth, you define how far you want to go

Do you want to know more about our process?

Here we tell you

We have a dedicated team to make the process optimal, with online evaluations and interviews, so that your experience is the best.

It generally takes between 30 and 45 days. This time may vary depending on the availability of all the people involved.

We focus on your most recent experience, knowledge and skills for the position. How do we do it? Through competency-based interviews where we assess your skills and hopefully get to know you better.

Important: We want to know if it makes sense for you to work with us. We are aware that both you and we are in an evaluation phase. Feel comfortable and we’ll see if we match.

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