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Microsoft Cloud for Energy

Intelligent energy for a sustainable future.

Transform the energy value chain, creating better customer outcomes as a sustainable energy operator and service provider.


1. 1. Operate for the future: enhance energy conservation and energy efficiency. Increase reliability and energy conversion, reducing variability of your operations and environmental impact while generating value for stakeholders.

2. Transition to clean: keep people, products, and the world moving, while realizing reductions in carbon emissions and using data and AI to intelligently fulfill demand with new renewable energy sources.

3. Transform your workforce: attract, train, and retain your next-generation workforce, equipping them with the skills and technologies to drive your transformation to sustainable energy operators, and service providers.

4. Reimagine energy: shape the future of energy with technology innovations that increase energy supply and reduce demand from smart cities, infrastructure, vehicles and homes, while minimizing their environmental impact.

The Microsoft Cloud: Powering daily life around the planet.

Meet the Microsoft Cloud, which securely stores, processes and manages data within one of the largest interconnected networks in the world.
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