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Category: Technology


MPPC 23 Review

Our Arkano team was represented by Bruno Macri at this edition of the Microsoft Power Platform Conference, an event where the most important announcements of

Data. Data. Data: For what?

Data. Data. Data. They seem to be on everyone’s lips. A critical business asset. The new oil. Just a pile of sand. The new currency of digital transformation. Data.

Key takeaways from Microsoft’s Build 2022

I must confess that I’m one of those who sees the Microsoft Build with a certain degree of emotion, hoping to be surprised by the announcement of some new tool. It’s in those moments, between keynotes, sessions and talks where we imagine the scenarios where to apply these tools, what value we can give to the user, the business, the client and the solutions that we can build.

Being present, a tool for innovation

When attendance was taking at school, each student had to say “here”. At the time, I didn’t think about whether I was really there. Due to the twists and turns of life, I have to share every morning with my daughter until she enters school; I always wonder, will they still take attendance? Because of this, when I arrive at the office, most of the team is already at work.