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Category: Collaboration


Transforming Borders: Ingrid’s journey from Rivera to Global Innovation.

Growing up in Rivera, Uruguay, a city that shares the country border with Brazil, gave Ingrid Pereira (23) the opportunity to be immerse in the “fronterizos” culture, the vibrant atmosphere that is breathed in that northern region of Uruguay that allowed her to switch from one country to another, by just crossing over Plaza Internacional.

Data. Data. Data: For what?

Data. Data. Data. They seem to be on everyone’s lips. A critical business asset. The new oil. Just a pile of sand. The new currency of digital transformation. Data.

Key takeaways from Microsoft’s Build 2022

I must confess that I’m one of those who sees the Microsoft Build with a certain degree of emotion, hoping to be surprised by the announcement of some new tool. It’s in those moments, between keynotes, sessions and talks where we imagine the scenarios where to apply these tools, what value we can give to the user, the business, the client and the solutions that we can build.

Empathy as the basis for agility

Agile thinking is one of Arkano’s pillars. It’s one of the company’s core values. It’s the approach we have towards our clients by delivering results early that really generates value.

We became lighter…

When we think of something light, we think of agility, weight and of the ability to move without difficulty. What’s heavy moves slowly and needs a great effort to overcome the resistance to reach the new without getting stuck.