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Arkano Valo Solutions

Valo solutions for communications

Increase your associates' engagement through communication and collaboration, all in a digital workspace you will love.

Arkano Valo Solutions

Why choose us?

1. We are dedicated to implement our partner Valo’s solutions in an agile way so you can enjoy the benefits of a modern and centralized communication quickly.

2. We have a highly trained team to provide you with the solutions and support needed to incorporate them into your processes.

3. We have experience in change management processes to support you in the adoption process.

Valo Solutions


Take the intranet to the next level, deliver valuable information to your associates in an easy and attractive way.


Access all your sites (Intranet, SharePoint, Apps or websites) from a single place hosted by Microsoft Teams.

Valo | IDEAS

Deliver an experience that encourage co-innovation, gathering the ideas born in your team to create new initiatives.


Centralize the management, administration and governance of your teams in Microsoft Teams from a single place.

Valo Solutions for Communications

Fall in love with your digital workspace with Valo Solutions for communications, increase the engagement of your collaborators with tools designed to strengthen culture through collaboration.
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